praise Break Studio

   Inspiring People One Dance at a time    

Dance Class

~Class Schedule~

Purposed Praise Adult Liturgical

Saturday 9:00-10:00am

Soaring Sprouts (ages 3-6) Combo 

Saturday 10:15-11:00am

  Willing Wings (ages 7-11) Combo 

Saturday 11:00-12:00pm

Rooted Reverence (ages 12-17) Combo 

Saturday 12:00-1:00pm

Workshop Series

Spring Water Workshop Series: John 4:14
(Moving in Purpose 1.5 hour courses) 
Part 1. Personal Praise (Praise Dance for Beginners) 
Part 2. Living Vessel (Dancing in the Spirit) 
Part 3. Draw Them In (Face & Body Expression) 
Part 4.  Perfected Praise (Choreography) 
Invite us to your church or event; we'll travel to you for workshop or dance!  
Email us at [email protected]

Annual Recital

Come out and enjoy a mid-day dance concert every year with PBS!


Dance Class

Spring Water Workshop

Spring Water Workshop